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Bestie Co Case Studies:

Ready to become one of these success case studies?

Client 1:

This client has been with Bestie Co Digital Marketing since February 2023 on Tier 1 Social Media Management (2 posts per week). She is now fully booked out 3 weeks in advance in her clinic, plus booked-out terms. During our time, we have completed website updates, had strategy coaching sessions and we are now building an online course to keep up with demand and to service more of her clients as well as increase her income without having to be in it full-time. With this, we are building a community and assisting her team with email marketing.
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Client 2:

Bestie Co Digital Marketing has been working with this client since March 2023 managing her Social Media account with 3 posts per week, plus providing marketing & business consulting. Since we started working together, we have realigned her services and prices which has led to being booked out a month in advance and increased sign-ups. 

Client 3:

This client has been wokring with Bestie Co Digital Marketing since November 2022. At the start we worked with this client with doing 2 posts per week to build awareness. In April 2023, we launched a new product, which pre-order sold-out within a week. In May 2023, this client has come to us to create an online course to serve clients outside her area and we are now building this. Plus, has now moved up to 3 posts per week with monthly email marketing.  
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Did you know...

That 59% of the world population is on social media! That's over half the population!!.*


AND 82.9% of Australians are on social media!!**


*Share Insights 2022

**DataPartner 2022

Why Bestie Co?

In this day and age, if you do not have a digital presence set up for your business, you are missing out on further success! Consumers are looking at your online appearance before any sort of purchase or communication is made.

Digital presence helps with:

  • Business Credibility

  • Clearly showcase who you are and your brand/products

  • Can generate leads

  • Establish social proof with testimonials & reviews

  • Attract organic traffic & new customers

  • Save you time with customer service by providing information & FAQ's

  • Provide your consumers with updates & announcements 24/7

  • Growing your business

  • Building brand awareness

We've got your back and can help with this. We support businesses with:

- Marketing Consulting (goals, planning and strategy)

- Website creation and support 

- Social media management

- Content creation

- Plus more! 

Let us be your Marketing Bestie and grow your business for long-term success!

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With over 8 years of experience in Sales & Marketing...

Meet Steph, our director. With worked in multiple positions with global and local businesses, owning a business and podcast, plus a degree in Business majoring in Marketing, Steph's experience and knowledge are unique and are just what you need to grow your business digitally.
My skills cover the theory side of business and marketing plus having experience hands-on in industries....
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So if you are in need of digital presence but feel you are not tech savvy?


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