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Meet Steph

Hi there! I'm Steph, the Director and digital marketing specialist with more than 8 years of experience in marketing and sales. I have worked in multiple positions with global and local businesses, owned a business and podcast, and have a degree in Business majoring in Marketing. 


My experience and knowledge are unique and are just what you need to grow your business digitally. My skills cover the theory side of business and marketing plus having experience hands-on in the industry.


Skill offered at Bestie: 

- Social media management and strategy

- Content creation

- Copywriting/blog content 

- Goals, planning and strategy 

- Website audit and design

- Email marketing 

- Digital ads

- Business strategy 

- Coaching and consulting

I help businesses build digital brand awareness, loyalty, and communities. This is a passion of mine which in turn, will help your business grow within the digital world.

We understand that building a business is not easy. Many obstacles must be faced to make a business successful, whilst competing with competitors. One of the problems that most companies face is systems not running smoothly.

Therefore, we want to provide the best marketing services for your company and ensure your marketing strategy can reach the right consumers to drive growth and engagement through social media marketing.

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