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Marketing Consulting

Are you a business that is ready to make marketing a priority but not too sure where to start?

Need strategy, branding tone, research and consumer knowledge to understand your business, competitors and your audience?

What will this look like?

We will work closely with the management, sales and marketing team.

  • Provide monthly content planning and strategy

    • Organise a monthly and weekly schedule

    • Blog and social media planning/research

    • Assist with understanding analytics

  • Set up the email marketing plan

    • Monthly blog analyst

    • Monthly email planning

  • Provide 3-5 hours per month to work through the marketing plan:

    • Assist with the consumer journey/audience persona (says, thinks, does and feels)

    • Competitor analyst (competitor map)

    • SWOT analysis

    • Assist with branding tone and strategy

    • Set out marketing goals, and strategies with tactics (action steps)

    • Addressing the problems you are solving within the business (content copy)

  • Provide ongoing support with weekly check-ins

  • Provide training and support to teams

This is on a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month contract. 

Consulting starts from $1,500-$3,000 per month. Consulting is different for all businesses and budgets. A discovery call will need to be had to understand the needs then a proposal will be made.

More services can be added to this package.

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