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What does Social Media mean for businesses?

What does Social Media mean for business...?

It's connection! From the wise words of the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri.

Let us explain: 👇

Let's look at Social Media for business as a funnel or pyramid...

Top of the pyramid/funnel is your 3% (right at the point) - these are the ones that are purchasing.

Next is the 17% who are gathering information.

Then, it's followed by the 20% - who are aware they have a problem.

Followed by the last 60% who aren't aware of the problem.

So, we do not want to target the 3%, why? Because it's the least amount of people and these people have already made their minds up.

BUT for the rest of the funnel, 97% are still open to buying.

So this is where social media comes in -

1 . You want to establish who your target audience is (and NO, it can not be everyone)

2 . Understand your consumer's buying journey (I have something coming out VERY soon for this)

3. Then you want to create content for the 97% of consumers and CONNECT with them!!!

This means, educating them, being relatable, adding value to their life and connecting... If you are pushing sales posts every time you post, your followers won't enjoy it, just like when you get them annoying sales calls - don't be annoying on socials (sorry to be so honest).

Look at why you follow businesses or people...?

This funnel/pyramid comes from the King of marketing Sabri Suby.

Hope this was helpful Besties 👯‍♀️

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