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20 Effective Strategies to Authentically Grow Your Instagram Presence

In the dynamic world of Instagram, the quest for growth is ever-present. However, it's crucial to build an authentic and engaged following rather than taking shortcuts. Here are 20 proven strategies to organically grow your Instagram presence and cultivate a loyal audience.

1. Don't Buy Instagram Followers:

Authenticity is key. Resist the temptation to purchase followers; focus on genuine engagement instead.

2. Share Your Brand Personality and how you are Unique:

Clearly define your brand identity and communicate your unique value to attract like-minded followers. Use your voice and own your industry.

3. Interactive Polls and Quizzes:

Foster engagement by incorporating interactive polls and quizzes into your Stories to connect with your audience.

4. Optimise Your Instagram Bio:

Craft a compelling bio that succinctly conveys who you are, what you do, and why people should follow you. Use keywords that are easy to search for you.

5. Don't Confuse Your Followers With Your Content:

Keep your content focused on one thing at a time/post and within your content pillars. If you are a gym, you wouldn't share marketing advice.

6. Create a Consistent Instagram Posting Schedule:

Establish a posting routine to keep your audience engaged and aware of when to expect your content.

7. Understand Your Audience:

Use Instagram Insights to gain insights into your audience's demographics and preferences, tailoring your content accordingly. Follow your audience and engage with them- this helps with the algorithm. You can download the “Know Your Consumer” module for FREE to better understand who you are talking too and unlock your potential! Use the code: BESTIES at the checkout 

8. Make Sure Your Instagram Content is keyword optimised:

Prioritise adding keywords (SEO) to your content. This includes the actual video content (use Instagram's text over the video), the caption and the hashtags.

9. Work With Other Brands, Creators, and Influencers: - Collaborate with others in your niche to broaden your reach and tap into new audiences.

10. Start Creating More Video Content with Trending Audio: - Embrace the video trend by incorporating Reels content into your strategy. Plus, using trending audio helps with getting pushed out to more users. Instagram likes it when you use trending audio.

11. Optimise Your Instagram Stories Highlights: - Organise your Stories into highlights to showcase your best and most relevant content for ongoing visibility.

12. Create Carousel Posts and Shareable Content: - Connect with your audience through humour and relatability by incorporating memes and shareable content. Plus, make them a carousel post as this is another way to better engage with your audience.

13. Don't Hard Sell - Create Trust: - Build trust by focusing on authentic storytelling rather than aggressively selling your products or services.

14. Run a Giveaway:  Boost engagement and attract new followers by hosting a giveaway with enticing prizes.

15. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Through Other Channels: - Share your Instagram content on other social media platforms to expand your reach.

16. Analyse High-Performing Content: - Identify and analyze the content that resonates most with your audience to refine your future strategy.

17. Connect With Your Community (Be Social on Social Media): - Respond to comments, DMs, and engage with your audience to cultivate a sense of community.

18. Use Your Unique Voice to Stand Out (Be Brave): - Differentiate yourself by expressing your personality and opinions authentically.

19. Frequent Algorithm Updates Monitoring: - Stay informed about Instagram's algorithm changes to adapt your strategy and maintain visibility.

20. Optimise Ads: - Utilise Instagram ads with precision targeting to reach a specific audience and enhance your overall growth strategy.

Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level? Embrace these strategies, and watch your authentic community flourish.

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Reach out if you have any questions x

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